Calco a Mano

Handmade Stencil


Ran out of Procreate or just don't like using the iPad for creating stencils? No problem! Here's how to do it by hand. It is the most classic way and you can achieve excellent results.

To get started, you need translucent vellum paper, and instead of using a pen on the iPad, we'll use a regular pen. Place the drawing you want to tattoo under the translucent paper and, with a pen, trace the details and directions of the hairs. If the stencil has not been used a lot, you don't need to put it in the exact same spot.

Remember that the stencil is your sketch, so make sure you do a good job at this stage. Mark the darkest areas and important details.

A tip for right-handed is to avoid letting the translucent paper peek out of the side of your hand, as you could end up staining yourself because of the sweat. It's better that it peeks from the opposite side.

Once you have finished marking the details, lift the translucent paper and you will see the stencil is ready. Now you can take it to the skin and start tattooing.

Remember that this stencil is your guide, so take your time to do your best. In the next lesson, we'll learn how to print the stencil with a thermocopier.

So if you are passionate about the tattoo world and want to pursue it, this "Initiation to Tattooing" course at Habbility will give you a solid foundation to start with. You will learn the techniques and how to face a blank skin. Do not let the flame of your passion go out, this is the moment to light it up!

We are waiting for you on the other side of the screen so you can enter the exciting world of tattooing. Light that wick on fire and start your journey in the art of tattooing!

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