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Habbility is an online course platform for all levels where you can be inspired, guided and trained by great artists and creatives at your own pace and from wherever you want. All our trainings are made up of quality videos along with additional downloadable exercises, plus a final project for you to take action. In addition, when you finish each course and present your project, you receive an accreditation.

Access to content is for life, so you can access it whenever you want. And next to each lesson you will find a student forum where you can interact with other people who take the course. Even, occasionally, you can also interact with the teacher through this forum.

It is the perfect opportunity to learn the tricks and techniques of great artists from the world of plastic arts, music, sculpture, customization... regardless of whether you are just starting out or if you are already a professional.

On our website we have a wide variety of training related to all kinds of artistic and creative disciplines. To find the perfect course for you, we advise you to start by looking here.

Remember that our list of formations is constantly updated.

If you want or need to contact us, you can do so through this page. We are always willing to help you in any way possible.

Our teachers are artists of national and international prestige. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and for this we have great professionals who will explain all their tips and tricks.

The final project is explained on the landing page of each course. The training teacher explains how to do it. And you will also find the steps to follow to upload it to the platform. Once delivered, both the artist and the Habbility team will be able to see it to give you feedback.

At Habbility our main objective is to bet on quality training available to everyone. That is why we work to offer quality and well-worked courses led by recognized teachers. We are also committed to a positive experience and usability for the user and total attention to our students.

To request to be a Habbility affiliate, you just have to send us an email to with the subject ''I want to be an Affiliate''. Send us your proposal and we will contact you to be able to belong to the program.


Anadelia Guzman


“I was fascinated with the courses I did with you, very generous teachers in the classes.”

Jose Luis Rodriguez


“I have done several courses on the internet and they have been a mess, but these habbility are the cane, thank you very much.”

avillera Castello


“With Arizabalo, you learn to mix colors in a clear and simple way. Does that the difficult be easy. Explains very well the steps to follow to get a portrait amazing and well detailed.”

Fabian Munoz


“Thank you very much Habbility and Javier for this course, it is excellent. Xavier's quality Arizabalo as an artist and instructor is impeccable. It pays to learn from great teachers.”

Eva Enrique


“I love this platform, the courses are super complete and detailed, it is done easy to learn, thanks for existing!”