Habbility is the platform for training for artists of all levels and disciplines such as music, painting and sculpture who want learn, enjoy and go further with your creations.

Whether you are an artist professional as if you like to spend your free time on creative projects, in Habbility You will find the knowledge, inspiration and techniques necessary to continue growing.


Learning art with prestigious instructors was only available to a few. Until now.

Habbility offers you training with leading artists and creators in their field, in an online format that adapts to your goals and your lifestyle, with an affordable price and lifetime access.

Unlike face-to-face courses where you have to follow the speed of the group, here you set the pace.

Enter the courses as many times as you want, review your teacher's explanations and practice with the exercises and projects that they will propose.

Juan Pineda

Artist and founder of Habbility.

Art and creativity have always run through my veins. At the age of 14 I participated in my first painting exhibitions.

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to develop projects inside and outside the artistic field. I had my own airbrushing workshop, I opened a tattoo parlor, I created several patents and I was the creative director of the La Bruja de Oro lottery administration.

After a long career I started looking for courses to improve as an artist and I got frustrated not finding the training I wanted.

And that's how it came about Habbility .

Realizing the few options there are to learn art, the flame of entrepreneurship within me was rekindled. I created Habbility to help all art lovers to receive high-quality training at a reasonable price and with a flexible method.


Anadelia Guzman


“I was fascinated with the courses I did with you, very generous teachers in the classes.”

Jose Luis Rodriguez


“I have done several courses on the internet and they have been a mess, but these habbility are the cane, thank you very much.”

avillera Castello


“With Arizabalo, you learn to mix colors in a clear and simple way. Does that the difficult be easy. Explains very well the steps to follow to get a portrait amazing and well detailed.”

Fabian Munoz


“Thank you very much Habbility and Javier for this course, it is excellent. Xavier's quality Arizabalo as an artist and instructor is impeccable. It pays to learn from great teachers.”

Eva Enrique


“I love this platform, the courses are super complete and detailed, it is done easy to learn, thanks for existing!”