Andrea Morales
Tattoo artist owner of 958 Tattoo specialized in microrealism and fine line

My name is Andrea Morales and I would love to embark on this journey with you.

I have been tattooing since 2014, when, after drawing a lot, I decided to jump into the skin and buy my first tattoo machine.

Although I made mistakes, if I had not learned from them I wouldn't have my own studio today, 958 Tattoo.

After being an apprentice in several studios and working in a downtown studio in Granada, I went to work to America.

During all these years, I've been an apprentice, I've worked in America, I've participated in conventions, won several awards, and working in national and international cities.

If something has marked my career, without a doubt, is the memory I hold of Fashion Polly dolls.

I am fascinated by such level of detail, and I, as a good fan of the micro, want to transmit it to the world in my pieces!

Do you dare too?

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Customer Reviews

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Mano Angers (Calgary, CA)
Animal micro realism in colour with Andrea Morales

This course is one of the best I have ever taken even if this is in Spanish there is a subtitle in English so I can understand, Andrea is very detailed, meticulous. This course has help me more than any other courses that I have taken in USA.
Thank you, Andrea I will buy more courses.
Mano 👌🏼

J.G.M. (Valencia, ES)
Muy buen curso

Andrea explica super bien cada parte , lo recomiendo 100%

yugue (Lima, PE)

Me encanto el curso, super completo y la| artista explica super bien todo el proceso, realmente recomiendo este curso al 100% , muchas gracias

MelRo Tattoo (Puerto Vallarta, MX)
Andrea es extraordinaria!!

Amo que Andrea explica todo de manera clara y muy detallada. No se le escapó absolutamente nada! Desde las agujas, elaboración de stencil en procreate, calco, TODO!! Lo recomiendo 100% Además su trabajo es precioso 💖

Bea (Madrid, ES)
Muy buen curso

Andrea explica todo fenomenal y estoy encantada lo malo es la carga de cada vídeo hay q actualizarlo cada dos por tres como 8 veces porque no carga bien y se queda pillado