Large-format hyper-realistic oil portrait in just 7 days
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Adrián Sánchez
Learn to paint hyper-realistic portraits on large canvases with a fast technique.
21 reviews
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The point where quality and speed are not mutually exclusive

Many people are surprised to see a large painting, 1.50 x 1.50 m.

It happens because they conceive oil paintings as something smaller.

But what if I told you that you can learn to paint in that size?

And do it very quickly.

Over the years, I have developed a technique that has led me to be able to paint more efficiently.

Managing the process to obtain a clean result, clear and without obstacles.

Now I want to teach you that technique too: you are going to learn to paint a celebrity portrait in oil.

And I am going to teach you how to do it in a hyper-realistic way and so that you can achieve it in just 7 days.

I have not gone mad, I know it can be done.

You just need the right tools and practice.

If all this catches your attention, don't hesitate.

I'll teach you how to paint a hyper-realistic portrait of a celebrity in large size and quickly.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have some knowledge about painting and hyperrealism and you are willing to go deeper.
  • You want to explore larger formats than you're used to.
  • You would love to understand how you can improve your painting skills faster.
  • You are motivated by the challenge of painting the face of a famous person or someone you know.
  • You want to learn resources that allow you to improve your hyperrealism and take it to other pieces.
Later you will get:
  • Understand how to paint a large portrait very quickly and without losing quality.
  • Manage a hyperrealistic work in oil to make the process more efficient.
  • Understand hyperrealism applied to portraits of people.
  • Learn to take the oil and portrait techniques that you acquire to other pieces.
  • Perfect your way of painting through hours of lessons, a quality teacher and the final project.
Choose where and when you want!
Influences of Black Sánchez
List of materials
Basic concepts of color
Chromatic circle
Color perception
Types of brush strokes
Canvas preparation: gesso and transfer
Work in layers
Pasting, thinning and glazing
Tone assessment
Common errors
Course images
Materials you need to start with

Even though the course is about quickly painting a celebrity portrait, you may still need to practice. So you need the best material to develop your practices, course and final project.

To carry out this training you will need:

  • Brushes
  • Gesso
  • Turpentine
  • Paint
  • Canvas
Adrián Sánchez
Tattoo artist and owner of Chinatown Tattoo.

I'm Adrián Sánchez, although I am known as Black Sánchez.

Together we will discover how to tattoo a realistic portrait. I started oil painting when I was 8 years old and studied art in my senior years of high school.

Then, it was followed by an Illustration Associate Degree and also a degree at the Professional Drawing School ESDIP.

All that training came in handy for me when I started tattooing at the age of 23.

I already knew the anatomy of the body and was beginning to understand the art of working with ink.

But without practice and perseverance I could not have gotten where I am today, also going through several international conventions.

What you learn the most is from your colleagues and professionals of the sector, that's why I started going to tattoo events all over the globe: New York, Milan, London or Amsterdam have been places for enriching encounters.

After going through other tattoo studios, I opened my own. In Chinatown Tattoo I have written more than 250 stories on the skin, and I am going to teach you how to do it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
rey_latinta (Coral Springs, US)
Muy buen contenido. 5 star

Todo bien explicado paso a paso, me esta ayudando mucho a mejorar mi nivel de pintura, muchas gracias Adrian por crear algo con tanto valor como este curso, espero poder ver mas cursos de pintura tuyos, Saludos un cubano desde miami.

Enton Minarolli (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, ES)
Buen curso

Curso adapto para personas que ya tienen un mínimo de conocimiento de pintura. Da muchos trucos para agilizar la realización del cuadro. Lo Aconsejo para aquellos que quieran avanzar más rápido.


Es bastante explicativo la formación que se recibe en las clases, me a hecho mejorar muchísimo, y pienso que puedo seguir mejorando aun mas, es simplemente espectacular tener asi tan facil el conocimiento de alguien que le a tocado aprender quizas en años esos pequeños tips, poder acortar el camino y sacar una nueva y mejorada versión de nuestro arte.

Ivan Cenizo Del Consuelo (Finestrat, ES)
Curso totalmente recomendable

El curso no puede ser más completo, deseando poner en práctica lo aprendido.

Subhamangalam Radhakrishnan (Chennai, IN)
Dream come true

My dream was to paint large sized painting but I don't know where to begin. After Learning from this course I have faith that I can paint

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