The secrets of hyperrealism: The hand
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Javier Arizabalo
Reach the highest level of detail in your works and take your first steps as a professional artist in front of clients and galleries.
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If you are a lover of painting and you have been practicing for years, but you want to go one step further.

If you would like to exhibit your work in art galleries and you don't know where to start.

If you want to get your first clients and you don't dare to take the step

If painting is your greatest passion and you want to dedicate yourself to it professionally.

Later you will get:
  • Learn to paint a hyper-realistic hand.
  • Capture the lights and shadows in your works in a different way.
  • Bring your works to life with new hyper-realistic painting techniques.
  • Tips for working with art galleries.
  • Tricks to sell your first works and reach your first clients
Choose where and when you want!
05:26 min
Influences from others artists
03:53 min
Living from Painting
Living from painting
12:24 min
Customer Relationship
12:13 min
From materials to support
11:34 min
11:05 min
Photoshop I
11:45 min
Photoshop II
12:39 min
Photoshop III
09:22 min
Photoshop IV
06:14 min

06:31 min
From Sketch to Support I
11:32 min
From Sketch to Support II
06:51 min
From Sketch to Support III
07:28 min
From the Sketch to the support IV
16:59 min
The color
Colour Characteristics
05:43 min
Colour Range
11:33 min
Color Mixing I
08:45 min
Color Mixing II
08:10 min
Color Mixing III
08:26 min
Painting in Detail
Smudged I - Background
12:20 min
Spotted II - Color Mixture
08:36 min
Spotted III - Middle Finger
06:31 min
Spotted IV - Ring Finger
10:35 min
Spotted V - Little Finger
13:45 min
Stained VI - Mixture of Candle Colors
09:38 min
Spotted VII - Sailing
09:43 min
08:50 min
Spotted VIII - Palma and Forearm
09:11 min
Learning Assessment
Index Finger
Middle Finger
Middle Finger I - Color Mix
09:49 min
Middle Finger I
09:37 min
Heart Finger II
09:29 min
Heart Finger III
Middle Finger IV
10:03 min
Middle Finger V
10:11 min
Heart Finger VI
10:05 min
Heart Finger VII
10:11 min
Middle Finger VIII
10:22 min
Thick Toe
Toe Gordo I
11:00 min
Fat Toe II - Finishing
09:26 min
Finger ring
Ring Finger I
10:07 min
Ring Finger II
13:10 min
Ring Finger III
09:17 min
Ring Finger IV
10:32 min
Ring Finger V
11:31 min
Ring Finger VI
09:00 min
Ring Finger VII
08:15 min
Little Finger
Little Finger I - Color Mix I
10:19 min
Little Finger I
07:59 min
Little Finger II
09:22 min
Little Finger III
09:10 min
Little Finger IV
08: 22 min
Little Finger IV - Chlor II Mix
10:20 min
Little Finger V
06 :37 min
Little Finger VI
07:15 min
Little Finger VI - Color Mix II
Little Finger VII
06:10 min
Little Finger VIII
07:34 min
Palm I
10:30 min
Palm II
08:37 min
Palm III
10:48 min
Palm IV
10:57 min
Palm V
08:06 min
Palm VI
10:05 min
Palm VII
13:01 min
Forearm I - Color Mix
08:16 min
Forearm I
08:27 min
Forearm II
09:09 min
Forearm III
15:20 min
Color Characteristics
Colour Range
Sail I
09:20 min
Sail II
07:56 min
Sail III
11:42 min
Sail IV
13:47 min
Finishing touches
Varnish the Canvas
13:59 min
Bonus Gift
00:41 min
Final Project
Materials you need to start with

It is important that you are willing to go one step further in order to fully enjoy this training and be able to dedicate yourself to art professionally.

As for the materials, these are the ones I recommend to start with:

  • Different cat's tongue brushes, a fan and fine for details.
  • Quality oils, preferably Old Holland.
  • Medium and varnish.
  • Linen or polyester canvas with a very smooth surface.
Javier Arizabalo
Hyperrealist proffesional painter.

My name is Javier Arizabalo, a hyperrealist painter specialized in figures and portraits, photographer and painting teacher.

I began training in drawing and painting at the age of 9 and, later, I graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Leioa, in País Vasco.

Throughout my professional career, I have been able to participate in many exhibitions, both inside and outside Spain.

I am passionate about human anatomy, especially when it comes to following a hyper-realistic style. For this reason, I have specialized in the detail and treatment of elements with this techniq

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gina (Guadalupe, MX)
Excelente profesor

Gran explicación a cada detalle.
Me encanta su manera de argumentar cada pincelada porque resolvía cada una de mis dudas.

Josue Fonseca (Querétaro City, MX)

La calidad del video y del audio súper bien 👍 el maestro Javier súper bien, al momento de explicar la verdad muy buena compra,

Cursos top

Explicaciones detalladas, muy profesionales y proceso desde los primeros trazos muy comprensible.
100% recomendable

J. (Munich, DE)
Explicado al detalle

Me encanto mucho, super recomendado

Manuel Naharro (Madrid, ES)
Mano con vela

Magistral, excelente curso y muy bien explicado. Muchas gracias a habbility por este fabuloso curso y felicidades para el profesor.

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