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Juan Pineda
Artist and founder of Habbility

I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember, when I was only 14 years old, I had my first painting exhibitions. I always knew that creativity ran through my veins.

Over time, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to explore new ways of creating. I opened my own airbrush workshop, a tattoo parlor and led the creative direction of the successful lottery administration La Bruja de Oro. I also filed several successful patents.

However, when I wanted to pursue further training in painting, I realized that the options available were very limited. I felt frustrated and thought there must be a better way to learn. That's when the idea for Habbility came up.

Habbility is a unique platform that started for painting, sculpting and tattooing enthusiasts, with the latter being the discipline that has gained the most traction, making us leaders in the industry.

Learning tattooing with prestigious artists was only available to a few. Until now.

Habbility offers you training with leading tattoo artists in their field, in an online format that adapts to your goals and your lifestyle, with an affordable price and lifetime access.

Do you want to improve your artistic level?
Learn new techniques?
Increase your income?


Teachers who have invested more than 30,000 hours to be what they are: REFERENCES.