Tres dias de tatuaje sin que sufra la piel

Three days of tattooing without damaging the skin



Are you tired of doing tattoos in three days and the damaging the skin too much? Well, at Habbility we bring you the trick you were waiting for: Three days of tattooing without the skin suffering.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to divide the arm into the three days. To do this, we are going to organize it in a way that allows us to touch the tattoo as little as possible the next day. We're going to have to leave the part we do each day 100% finished because the next day we should not touch it.

To do this, it is important to start from the top down, because if we started at the bottom, the whites would get dirty and we would be touching the tattoo every time we clean it, which would irritate the skin. Therefore, the ideal is to finish and leave it there, without touching it anymore.

The next day, we continue with the corresponding part, without touching the already tattooed area, and so on until the third day, when we have what remains of the skull. Remember that what you start, you finish! Do not set a very long goal and advance as you can.

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