Texturas y detalles

Textures and details



Do you want to learn how to create impressive textures and details in your tattoos? Then you are in the right place. In Habbility, we offer a "Realistic Black and White Portrait Tattoo" course that includes a very important trick: the texture and detail technique.

The teacher of this course highlights the importance of creating volumes before adding textures and details to the tattoo piece. To achieve this, use a 7 RS needle to shade the area and create a diffused, natural texture to the skin. Once you've created the base, add details and textures, such as pores and tiny dots, using the same 7 RS needle or switching to a smaller 3 RL needle.

Why is this technique so important? The answer is simple: it mimics the natural appearance of human skin, hair, stone, water, earth and nature in general, which are full of textures. By using the proper needle to create these textures, a realistic and detailed look can be achieved on the tattoo piece.

Are you ready to take your tattoo skills to the next level? Join our "Realistic black and white portrait tattoo" course and learn more about this technique and many other important skills in the world of tattooing. Don't wait any longer and become a tattoo expert today.

At Habbility, we are committed to the education and success of our students. So don't think twice and buy our course today!

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