Presentación del Diseño en 3D

3D Design Presentation


Sometimes showing the entire design to your clients can be difficult, especially when it covers a large area of ​​the body. But don't worry! Here is a trick that will make your task easier.

With the latest Procreate update, you can now download pre-made 3D models and figures. These models include arms, legs, backs and more, perfect for displaying your tattoo designs in a realistic way.

To start, create a new layer and mark the area where your design will be located using a brush with low opacity. This mark will serve as a reference.

Then go to the settings option and select "Show 2D texture" in the 3D settings. This will change the view to 2D to make it easier to position your design.

Open the reference image on the canvas and place it on the design layer using the "Multiply" blend mode. Adjust the opacity according to your preferences.

Now comes the fun part. Use the available transformations to adjust the size and position of the design in the marked area. Play around with different settings until you get the desired result.

Once you're done, go back to the 3D settings and switch to "Show 3D Texture" to see what your design will look like in its three-dimensional form.

With this trick, you will be able to clearly and realistically show your clients how the tattoo will look on their skin. Remember that each body is unique, so these 3D models will help you to have an approximate idea, but you should always adapt the design to the characteristics of each client.

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