Preparación de la piel

Skin preparation


In the course of realistic tattoo on a full arm in 3 days without damaging the skin, the most important trick is the preparation of the skin. To begin with, we must shave the skin and clean it with soap and water. It is recommended that the client moisturizes the skin every night for one to two weeks before getting the tattoo.

When shaving, it is important to do it with wet skin and with soap to prevent the hair from staying inside the skin and the formation of pimples. It should be shaved in the same direction as the hair, even if there is no hair, to remove the dead layer of skin and for the stencil to stick well without greasy or dead skin. This also helps to cleanse the skin.

It is recommended to always shave from top to bottom and clean the blade from time to time to remove any hair that remains on it. In addition, it is important to bend the skin a little towards the elbow so it is well stretched and the hair can be caught well. It should be shaved all the way back, but it's better to shave a little than overdo it.

This skin prep trick is crucial to achieving a realistic full arm tattoo without damaging the skin and getting a satisfying result.

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