Maquinas y Voltaje

Machines and Voltage


At Habbility, the "How to tattoo original compositions" course will teach you how to create unique and original combinations to highlight your style as a tattoo artist. The objective is to move away from traditional compositions and learn to capture the client's ideas to design high-impact proposals applicable to any style of tattoo.

Within the course, the subject of "Machines and Voltage" is addressed in one of the modules. The instructor shares his opinion on the use of corded and cordless battery-powered rotary machines. He notes that he prefers working with foot-operated machines, as it allows him more control over when he wants the machine to be active. In addition, he mentions that the wireless machines that are always on cause mental stress and make certain tasks difficult, such as wetting the caps and cleaning the needle. It also highlights the importance of finding the right machine for each person, since there is no perfect machine for everyone.

In the course, the instructor explains that he uses two types of Cheyenne brand machines: the Solnova Unlimited, which has 3.5 travel, and the Cheyenne Spirit, which has 2.5 path. The stroke refers to the movement of the needle inside the machine to go in and out. With the 3.5 stroke, he prefers to use it for lines and some small fills. Instead, with the 2.5 run, you use it primarily for shadows, as it allows for a more dot-following pattern and creates soft shadows.

The instructor runs both machines at 10 volts, which allows him to work quickly due to his shoveling style. However, he mentions that each person must find the voltage and the machine that best suit their style and technique.

It is important to highlight that the course offers a proven methodology on design and composition that can be applied to any style, which will help tattoo artists stand out and deliver high-quality work. The course is aimed at those tattoo artists who wish to stand out from the rest and improve their compositions of large pieces to achieve a unique and spectacular style.

In summary, the "How to tattoo original compositions" course at Habbility will teach you how to create unique and original compositions to highlight your style as a tattoo artist, using the appropriate tattoo machines and working with the voltage that best suits your technique.


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