Lineas: Labios y Dedos

Lines: Lips and Fingers


When we tattoo, it is very easy to get caught up in the precision and perfection of the lines. However, this can make our tattoos look stiff and artificial.

To avoid this, it is important to let go of your hand and have ease when tattooing. This will help us create more organic and natural lines.

In the case of the lips and fingers, it is especially important to have ease. These areas of the body often have an irregular texture, so lines that are too sharp can appear artificial.

How to apply the trick:

To apply this trick, the first thing we must do is choose a suitable machine. A machine with a fine tip will help us create more precise lines.

Once we have the right machine, we must start tattooing with smooth and fluid movements. We should not worry about precision, but to create an organic effect.

In the case of the lips, we can use a set of crossed lines to create the illusion of texture. In the case of the fingers, we can use curved and wavy lines to create a more natural effect.

Letting go of your hand and having ease when tattooing is a very important trick to create more organic and natural lines. This trick is especially useful on lips and fingers, as these areas of the body often have an uneven texture.

Additional tips:

  • Practice with straight lines and curves before you start tattooing.
  • Use a machine with a fine point to create more precise lines.
  • Don't worry about precision, but about creating an organic effect.
  • Experiment with different techniques to find the one that works best for you.

With these tips, you will be able to learn to make perfect lines for your realistic portraits. If you want to learn more about this technique, do not hesitate to consult the Realistic female portrait tattoo composed with small pieces .

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