¿Cómo hacer una buena inyección?

How to work a good injection?


When it comes to tattoo injection, there are four key elements to consider: needle output, voltage, hand movement, and cleanliness.

As for the output of the needle, it is important to adjust it according to the area you are tattooing. Generally, I work with a needle output of about one or two millimeters, depending on whether the area has a lot of bone or more muscle.

The voltage is also crucial. I use a lower voltage for smaller needles and a higher voltage for larger needles. In my case, I usually move between 8.5 and 9.5 voltage, depending on the type of needle I'm using.

When it comes to hand movement, I consider two types of injection. The first is the pendulum movement, where the needle goes in and out in a back and forth motion. The second is the injection by filling, where the movement is slower and more circular.

Personally, I tend to use a middle ground approach. I turn on the machine and start moving once the needle is in the skin, not forgetting that the needle should also go in and out as I move around the area.

It is important to note that the movement should not come from the shoulder, but from the wrist. Keep your skin stretched, hold your hand in a comfortable position, and let the movement come from your wrist.

When working with Round Magnum needles and making a fill, it is advisable to angle the needle slightly rather than hold it completely vertical. This will help prevent open skin pores and allows a more solid filling.

Finally, cleaning the cartridge is essential. If you notice that the injection is not going well, you may need to stop, remove the machine, and clean the cartridge against the light to remove any traces of skin, paper, or dried pigment. Then you can reconnect and continue.

And there you have it! These are some tricks to make a good injection in Habbility's "Realistic Animal Tattoo: Textures and Fur" course. Remember that constant practice and attention to these details will help you perfect your tattoo skills. Good luck!

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