Realistic portrait tattoo with rotary and coil
Alex Díaz
Discover how to create a nexus between the world of rotary and coil machines to apply it to your work.
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  • Duración 8h 30min


Learn how to get the best of both machines

Many professionals today only use one type of machine. They focus on rotary and coil machines.

But have you thought about what would happen if you managed to merge what both offer you?

Why settle with just one when you can handle both?

If you want to learn to work with both tools and learn to integrate the advantages of each one, this is your course.

With the coil machine you will get more personalized lines. With rotary machine you will not need so much preparation time.

Now we can take advantage of the traditional and the modern to make our work more valuable.

And also, gain a differentiating value compared to other tattoo artists by working in a broader spectrum. If you want to achieve that differentiation by adding value to your way of working, I'll wait for you in this training.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You are a tattoo artist and you want to learn how to use both machines.
  • You are interested in experimenting with rotary or coils to try other styles and personalize your tattoos.
  • You want to understand how to use the machines to obtain a finer work.
  • You want to open your field of action to offer more value to customers.
  • You want to understand the history of tattooing to apply the tradition to your tattoos.
Later you will get:
  • Understand everything that involves coil and rotary machines.
  • Know how to adapt them to you so they are useful in your tattoos.
  • Make more adjusted strokes to achieve what you are looking for and according to your style.
  • Open your field of action to try with new systems and ways of working.
  • Work with both machines to get more versatility in your tattoos.
Choose where and when you want!
02:35 min
05:19 min
What are you going to learn?
01:58 min
Assembly of coil machines
04:34 min
Reeling machine regulation
05:07 min
Lines with reeling machines
07:16 min
Shadows with Coil Machines
08:44 min
Delimitation of the area to be tattooed
04:36 min
Image search
02:22 min
Digital image processing
05:14 min
Development of the client's idea
08:17 min
The tracing
07:57 min
Printing the tracing
05:21 min
Preparation of the machines I
08:22 min
Preparation of the machines II
08:53 min
Table preparation and dilutions
10:06 min
Preparation of the skin and tracing
04:08 min
Freehand arrangements and finishes
06:03 min
LA: background I
07:48 min
L.A: Background II
10:14 min
L.A: Background III
10:23 min
Jacket: Bottom I
09:31 min
Jacket: Bottom II
09:48 min
Jacket: Contour
08:40 min
L.A: Bottom IV
09:29 min
Jacket: Bottom III
09:44 min
L.A: Bottom V
10:20 min
Collar: Dial
07:17 min
Jacket: Padding
07:38 min
Shirt collar I
10:45 min
Shirt collar II
07:42 min
Shirt Collar III
06:41 min
Assessment of learning
Knob I
10:21 min
Knob II
11:00 min
Knob III
10:48 min
Neck I
10:14 min
Neck II
11:43 min
Lips I
07:41 min
Lips II
07:55 min
Nose I
10:47 min
Nose II
04:14 min
Cheek I
07:18 min
Nose III
08:52 min
Cheek II
07:02 min
Ear I
10 :36 min
Ear II
08:03 min
Right Eye I
09:34 min
Right Eye II
09:33 min
Right Eye III
08:49 min

10:34 min
Left Eye I
06:22 min
Eye left II
07:30 min
07:22 min
Hair I
10:15 min
Forehead and hair I
08:59 min
Hair II
08:22 min
Forehead and Hair II
09:31 min

07:37 min
03:36 min
Tattoo Cure
02:00 min
Summary and Farewell
01: 58 min
Tattoo Healed
01:52 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

In this training you will be able to face a final project in which you will test the knowledge you have acquired. With your two machines, you will immerse yourself in the creation of a realistic black and white portrait tattoo.

To carry out this training you will need:

  • Coil machine
  • Rotary machine
  • Tattoo inks, needles and cartridges
  • Vaseline
  • Other materials that will complete your equipment
Alex Díaz
Tattoo artist specialized in realism, traditional and japanese.

My name is Alex Díaz and I am going to teach you everything I know about coil and rotary machines applied to a black and white portrait tattoo.

I have been tattooing for 15 years. Although my first inspiration were comics and cartoons. I spent hours trying to recreate the drawings or creating my own stories with colored pencils.

After finishing my degree in Fine Arts, I fully immersed myself in the world of tattooing. During this time, I have also trained in other artistic practices, such as oil or graphite. Now I am able to take the knowledge I have acquired to my everyday at the studio.

I love living the lifestyle that tattooing gives you: learning from colleagues, going to other studios and conventions to tattoo.

Something that has always helped me improve my technique and handle my equipment to perfection.

Now I am going to teach you to do the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Abraham Tovar (Saltillo, MX)
Versatilidad en el artista

Excelente opción para quienes buscan aprovechar diferentes herramientas

F.A. (León, MX)
Excelente explicacion

Me a agradado la manera tan sencilla de explicar el proceso paso a paso

Héctor Prado (Morelia, MX)
Exelente 👌

Exelentes los dos cursos

Wagner Ventura (Nagua, DO)

Tatuaje de retrato realista con rotativa y bobina

Roger ivan Vazquez canto Vazquez canto (Juarez, MX)
Muy buenos cursos!!

Simplemente perfecto y agradecido de que existan estos cursos

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