Color realistic portrait tattoo
Adrián Sánchez
Master the color, create your own method and improve the customer experience.
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Make color your differentiating touch.

There are tattoo artists who base their work on color, but not all of them manage to distinguish themselves from their peers. It is then when the copies are created.

Are you going to be another one?

If you are not willing to do so, if you do not want to work in the same way as the other tattoo artists, you have to be unique, original, different.

But how to achieve it?

Many will tell you that it is based on practice and error. They are not wrong.

But having a mediocre technique and spending many hours of practice will only lead you to repeat the same technique over and over again.

If you want to use color to differentiate yourself, you must learn to stand out. That can be achieved, but only by learning certain details in depth. In addition to creating a system that helps you provide an unbeatable customer experience.

That and more is what you will achieve in this training.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You want to get out of the circle that makes you repeat the same mistakes.
  • You need someone to provide you with a system with which to define your work method.
  • You want to add much more value to your work, make this your own style and start to differentiate yourself.
  • You are looking to apply color techniques to create incredible pieces.
  • You would like to have a good management of color and make spectacular designs to give a good result.
Later you will get:
  • Learn to treat color in a unique way to avoid mistakes.
  • Internalize a reasonable way of working, which takes the customer into account and puts them at the center of the experience.
  • Deep technical knowledge about the treatment of color so your pieces are more visual and have a better composition.
  • Learn and work with contaminated, crossed colors, pigmentation or color theory to gain a unique style.
  • Give the treatment that the customer needs and know what to do after the tattoo so the promotion of your work is impactful.
Choose where and when you want!
02:13 min
06:50 min
What are you going to learn?
02:34 min
Image selection I
08:01 min
Image selection II
05:30 min
Image Preparation
09:59 min
Reference Photography
01:42 min
Dimension, deformation and adaptation I
07:17 min
Dimension, deformation and adaptation II
09:50 min
El calco I
10: 40 min
El calco II
11:29 min
El calco III
07:38 min
The tracing IV
10:00 min
Impression of the tracing
03:58 min
Techniques for a solid and realistic tattoo I
07:16 min
Techniques for a solid and realistic tattoo II
05:03 min
Keys to creating realism
10:58 min
Textures, details and hairs I
11:21 min
Textures, details and hairs II
08:58 min

07:43 min
Creating the color palette color
10:47 min
Ordering and mixing colors I
08:09 min
Ordering and mixing of colors II
07:40 min
Abuse of black and white
03:07 min
The tattoo to color and the passage of time
05:32 min
Types of needles
08:46 min
Voltage and use of needles I
09:38 min
Voltage and use of needles II
04:57 min
The backgrounds
04:43 min
Structure of the tattoo process
Setting up the table
08: 21 min
Color gamut scheme and dilutions
Tints and dilutions
10:53 min
Skin preparation and tracing bonding
09:54 min

Chin and Neck: Volume I
11:03 min
Right bottom and bokeh
09:25 min
Chin and Neck: Volume II
07:34 min
Chin and Neck : texture and definition I
09:57 min
Chin and neck: even out tones
05:02 min
Chin and Neck: Texture and Definition II
10:51 min
Chin and Neck: Volume III
10:01 min
Chin and Neck: Volume and Texture I
11:03 min
Neck and Jacket I
08:16 min
Neck and Jacket II
09:41 min
Chin and Neck: Volume and Texture II
07:43 min
Chin and Neck: Volume and Contrast
03:44 min
Learning Assessment
Cigar: texture and marking
06:37 min
Cigar: volume
06:06 min
Cigar: definition
05:42 min
Mouth: marked and volume
10:21 min
Mouth: definition and texture
11:01 min
Mustache and cheek : texture and marking
06:32 min
Mustache and cheek: volume
05:17 min
Mustache and cheek: definition and texture
07:17 min
Cigar: shadows and fills
05:59 min
Right Eye: Volume I
09:50 min
Right Eye: Volume II
10:17 min
Right Eye: Glasses I
10:51 min
Right Eye: Glasses II
03:52 min
Right eye: texture and volume
10:14 min
Left eye: strong
10:11 min
Left Eye: Volume I
11:24 min
Left Eye: Definition
05:34 min
Left Eye: Volume II
10:16 min
Left Eye: Texture
07:53 min
Eye Left: Match Tones
05:31 min
Left Eye: Glasses I
06:55 min
Eye left: glasses II
05:45 min
Background I
09:48 min
Background II
10:55 min
Glasses and nose: texture
09: 53 min
Hair and forehead
07:14 min
Background I
09:58 min
Front: Volume
08:04 min
Front: Texture
05:15 min
Background II
10:41 min
Front: volume and texture
09:27 min
07:40 min
Shines I
10:12 min
Shines II
08:28 min
06:34 min
Tattoo cure
03:05 min
Color tattoo care
04:57 min
Summary and farewell
02:42 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

The best thing about this training is that you can practice. A lot. This way, you will establish what you are learning. So, as a tattoo artist, you will need the best material with which to follow the training and carry out your final project.

To carry out this training you will need these materials:

  • Tattoo machine
  • Tattoo inks
  • Needles and tattoo cartridges
  • Vaseline
  • Other materials that will complete your equipment
Students works
Adrián Sánchez
Tattoo artist and owner of Chinatown Tattoo.

I'm Adrián Sánchez, although I am known as Black Sánchez.

Together we will discover how to tattoo a realistic portrait. I started oil painting when I was 8 years old and studied art in my senior years of high school.

Then, it was followed by an Illustration Associate Degree and also a degree at the Professional Drawing School ESDIP.

All that training came in handy for me when I started tattooing at the age of 23.

I already knew the anatomy of the body and was beginning to understand the art of working with ink.

But without practice and perseverance I could not have gotten where I am today, also going through several international conventions.

What you learn the most is from your colleagues and professionals of the sector, that's why I started going to tattoo events all over the globe: New York, Milan, London or Amsterdam have been places for enriching encounters.

After going through other tattoo studios, I opened my own. In Chinatown Tattoo I have written more than 250 stories on the skin, and I am going to teach you how to do it.

Customer Reviews

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R.A.M.G. (Santiago de los Caballeros, DO)
Muy exelente

Es un curso muy grandioso y sólido que nos enseña con muchos fundamentos

Nathan David (Santiago, CL)

Muy buena formación muy profesional y puntual fácil de entender y aprender

Enderson principal
Son unos cursos muy bueno

Aprendí muchas técnica de ellos

J.R. (Nuevo Laredo, MX)
Muy buen curso

Aprendi bastante

Tony (Monterrey, MX)
Muy útil

Buen curso, bastante útil e informativo.

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