Realistic tattoo in black, white and color
Discover how to make your compositions stand out by integrating color into an element.
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Sergio Salas
Seminar available on 22/10/2023
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A course to master the black and white realism tattoo

If one of your biggest concerns when you tattoo is that the piece is not understood, you have come to the right place.

Sometimes, you want to put so many things in the tattoo that the composition ends up being an indefinite mess.

And that the client takes that on his skin cannot be.

Also, if you work with whites, blacks, and you put something light in color, like a pale yellow, you will have experienced the frustration of seeing how the color can be washed out.

Therefore, learning to work precisely with a monochrome composition will set you apart from other tattoo artists.

Starting with the fact that you will be able to create pieces that can be read much better.

If learning to integrate black and white without staining the rest of the tattoo in incredible compositions is your priority, this is your course.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have already tattooed and you are open to trying realism and you are even encouraged to try different compositions.
  • You want to learn how to make monochrome tattoos that stand out thanks to the use of shadows.
  • You're excited to learn how to create pieces where you can tattoo realism in black and white with some color, but without messing it up.
  • You want your tattoos, no matter how large they are, to be understood well and not look like blurs.
  • You know that the time has come to work on your black and white skills to differentiate yourself from the other colleagues.
Later you will get:
  • Making visually powerful tattoos achieving maximum realism
  • Know when to integrate white, black and small touches of color in realistic tattoos.
  • Learn to make the color not be dirty by the shadows.
  • Create original and impressive compositions that add value to your projects.
  • Understand the importance of leaving areas of skin untattooed so that they become relevant in the total tattoo.
Course images
Materials you need to start with

Good work tools are those that provide you with superior quality in your projects, along with your knowledge. Therefore, write down what you need and practice a lot!

To complete this training you will need these materials:

  • tattoo machine
  • Black, white and colored ink
  • tattoo needles
  • thermocopier
  • Other materials that will complete your team
Sergio Salas
Tattoo artist specialized in black and white realism.

My name is Sergio Salas and I would love to teach you how to tattoo.

Ever since I have memory, I remember my father tattooing. Ink has always been present in my life!

But I was also interested in art since I was a child: I draw since I can remember.

At the age of 15 I already started learning, tattooing some friends at home. At age 18 I made my way professionally in Grial Tattoo. But my career accelerated the following year, when I started going to national, European and American conventions.

I've had the pleasure of learning from other artists, absorbing knowledge. I have perfected my technique over all these years. I did it until I found my style, a theme in which I feel comfortable:

Black and white realism tattoo.

If you feel the same passion as me for the tattoo world, you are in the right place: together we will create a large composition for the arm, that you will learn to tattoo without leaving wounds!


Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

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Adrian (Madrid, ES)
Adrian hernandez

Me gusto mucho e aprendido muchas técnicas excelentes profesores son maestros buenos

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