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With El Uf, a tattoo artist for more than 20 years and an expert in blackwork.
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With this technique, Whipshading is easier than it seems

Put yourself in a situation:

«A client walks through the studio door, goes to the receptionist and asks for a blackwork specialist.

It's you!

When you get to work on your anime tattoo design, you realize that you are asking something complex and that it doesn't always turn out well: flat shading.

Many would have doubted it.

Working with this type of shadows is complicated, you need a lot of detail and not everyone explains how to do it well.

But, luckily, you do have that knowledge: it is what you learned in the seminar on Whipshading by El Uf.

Thanks to this seminar in which you learned through an anime tattoo, you can now use drag pointillism without fear of producing smudges.

You know the technique of El Uf himself, which has allowed you to develop quick and impressive results in your tattoos.

And that has given you important reviews, which is why this client has come to the studio.

This is just a situation that may occur one day.

However, if you want it to be real, if you want to show security and confidence to your clients when they ask you for a job like this, this is your seminar.

Become a master of Whipshading with this anime tattoo seminar!

It is ideal for you if:
  • You feel an internal battle every time a client asks you for a tattoo that requires you to do flat shading.
  • You need a hands-on seminar to learn Whipshading to see results soon.
  • You are looking for tips to perfect your drag pointillism and achieve impressive work.
  • You are just starting out and would like to acquire a way to tattoo Whipshading that would give you quick but good results for a tattoo from scratch.
  • Do you work or like blackwork and anime tattoo: in this seminar you will learn about those two styles as a base.
  • You seek to differentiate yourself from your peers by acquiring techniques to create tattoos with spectacular finishes.
  • You would like to have tools to use Whipshading in any style, as long as it is a blackwork job.
Later you will get:
  • Technique and speed: In the seminar you will learn the technique of dragging pointillism. You will be able to develop a tattoo from scratch and achieve fast and precise performance in your flat shading.
  • Exit mouse wheel: Maybe you've already done some Whipshading work, but you need to learn how to tattoo flat tone in shading well.
  • Hone your skills: If you already master Whipshading, you will have tools and tips that will allow you to perfect it to make it yours and adapt it to different blackwork styles.
  • A technique that allows you to go for more: With this technique you will understand how, finally, you can create shading without smearing your work. It will work for different tattoo styles, as long as they are blackwork.
  • Introduce AI into your work: You will learn to use artificial intelligence as your best ally to generate designs that inspire you and exploit your originality through an anime tattoo, created especially for the seminar.
  • Take advantage of powerful tools: Thanks to the technique you will learn and the AI, you will further develop your originality so that the tattoo is unique and exclusive.
  • An explosion of creativity: You will understand how to use the inexhaustible source of inspiration that is AI in more types of tattoos, beyond the anime style, getting ideas that do not revolve around the same old designs.
  • Tricks for tattoo: You will learn how to prepare designs in complicated areas or small spaces, as well as how to give the client guidelines for positioning and tips to avoid excessive damage to the skin.
What does this course include?
What are you going to learn
01:52 min
02:16 min
11:54 min
06:40 min
Programs that we are going to use
02:02 min
What is whipshading? I
11:02 min
¿ What is whipshading? II
02:24 min
05:15 min
Inks and dilutions
04:39 min
04:20 min
Client, originality in the design
04:40 min
01:37 min
Marked with paper
01:33 min
Originality in the designs
03:59 min
Resolution compositions by zones I
08:18 min
Resolution compositions by zones II
05:03 min
Tricks for designs in complicated areas
11:04 min
Midjourney I
10:27 min
Midjourney II
12:36 min
Midjourney III
Design creation
07:10 min
Tattoo studio
05:29 min
Needle types and voltage I
09:04 min

06:53 min
Line technique
05:18 min

12:30 min
Whipshading technique II
04:59 min
Filling technique with magnum I
11:09 min
Filling technique with magnum II
04:46 min

03:52 min
Keys to not damage the skin
07:07 min
Table preparation I
11:32 min
Table preparation II
07:08 min
Working environment
02:57 min

02:14 min
11. LINE
Contour line: bottom fish
10:14 min
Contour line: bottom
10:13 min
Water line: bottom
07:04 min
Water line: top
08:30 min
Contour line: top
08:41 min
Contour line: hair
Contour definition: hair
12:35 min
Contour definition: eyes
Contour definition: fish
09:16 min
Learning assessment
Whipshading: bottom fish I
12:18 min
Whipshading: Lower Fish II
10:09 min
Whipshading: Lower Fish III
11:14 min
Whipshading: lower fish IV
09:59 min
Whipshading: lower fish V
03:33 min
Whipshading: Top Fish I
10:12 min
Whipshading: Top Fish II
10:31 min
Whipshading: Upper Fish III
07:17 min
Whipshading: Chest and Shoulder I
09:49 min

11:10 min
Whipshading: arm
11:55 min
Whipshading: neck
12:50 min
Whipshading: face I
11:11 min
Whipshading : side II
10:02 min
Whipshading: side III
10:21 min
Fill: eyes and eyebrows I
08:58 min
Fill: eyes and eyebrows II
03:57 min
Filling: eyelids and bubbles
07:08 min
Filling: hair I
11:37 min
Filling: hair II
11:57 min
Filling: hair III
11 :00 min
Filling: hair IV
06:00 min
Filling: hair V
06:24 min
Refull: hair VI
06:03 min
Details: hair
07:42 min
Details: hair and bubbles
07:56 min
Whipshading: dress I
06:57 min
Whipshading: dress II
06:53 min

08:06 min
Blancos II
07:45 min
Blancos III
09:40 min
Tattoo summary
03:49 min
05:42 min
Job tips
01:58 min

08:39 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

In addition to everything you are going to learn, you will need the needles, ink and the appropriate material so that your final result is of quality.

To do this training you will need the following materials:

  • Tattoo machine
  • Inks
  • Tattoo needles and cartridges
  • Thermocopier
  • Other materials that will complete your equipment
El Uf
Blackwork specialist tattoo artist

In the tattoo world they know me as El Uf, and I have been tattooing for more than 20 years.

This has given me the opportunity to go through very varied studies and attend different conventions.

I started tattooing when it was something rather unknown and little accepted. I started in Barcelona, ​​worked in Gerona and returned to Barcelona. There, I had my own studio with a friend for five years.

We earned our place and a recognized site in blackwork worldwide. When that stage ended, I decided to focus only on my art.

Now, I tattoo in various studios in Barcelona, ​​Zurich and as a guest in different places.

Over the years I have absorbed many styles and techniques.

But now I direct my passion mainly to blackwork, influenced by anime, horror and Japanese culture.

In that aspect, I can work whipshading with a technique that I have uniquely developed.

Do you want to know it and apply it to your work?


Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Como te explica cada detalle y todos los consejos tanto en técnica como para el cuidado de la piel todo super profesional

Jonathan Garcia Orozco (Pereira, CO)
Enseña muy bien lo que sabe.

Hola, llevo unos dás viendo este tutorial y me ha parecido genial. no se guarda explicaciones, todo de una manera muy clara y sobre todo un técnica genial.
En general excelente profe y muy claro en sus clases.

Gino teruya (Lima, PE)

Excelente curso, profesor, dinámica 100% lo recomiendo

Fernando Dorantes Miravette (Mexico City, MX)

Súper la manera de desarrollar el curso. Aprender y ver directo a detalle la manera en que trabaja uno de los grandes que es “el uf”.

Oscar Lugo moguel (Puerto Morelos, MX)
el mejor profe de tattoos :)

muchos trucos, muchas cosas nuevas, muy actualizado en tecnología me encanto este curso un 10

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