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Would you love to learn how to tattoo anime in an incredible way?

For many, anime goes beyond simple entertainment.

There are those who feel it as a way of life.

So much so that the desire to wear your favorite characters on your skin is uncontrollable.

Who wouldn't want to always remember what made us have such good times!

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting into anime tattoos, the moment is now.

With this world on the rise, increasingly widespread and accepted, many people opt for a tattoo of Son Goku, Naruto, Tanjiro or the character that touched their hearts.

Embark with Raül de la O in this exciting journey of color, constructed line and unique designs.

Learn to tattoo beyond the New School, create characters that transmit the original essence.

Thanks to your teacher, you will be able to acquire techniques and tools that will allow you to tattoo the color in a brighter and more solid way, while leaving your unique mark on the design.

You dare?

It is ideal for you if:
  • You love anime and you want to bring it to your work, because you will really enjoy your favorite characters, creating that bond with your clients.
  • You already know how to tattoo and you have an average level that allows you to explore other specialties, different from those you are used to working in.
  • You want to open your possibilities to a market that is booming and growing rapidly. Learning to tattoo full color anime will open doors for you in that niche.
  • You want to acquire knowledge to work with color in a striking way and create constructed lines that give your anime tattoos the real character of the characters.
  • You want to make a place for yourself in the specialty of anime, a subcategory of the New School that is gaining a lot of strength.
Later you will get:
  • Work on the composition of the piece: you will learn, step by step, to be faithful to the essence of the real character, but with a design that will make it original for the client.
  • Resources and tricks: Is the character you tattoo very well known? I will help you understand in detail how to make your tattoo unique through the selection of scenes and the use of elements, such as onomatopoeia or vignettes.
  • Be faithful to the original: you will become an expert in creating tattoos with characters so real that they will look like those of the original author himself. You will convey what makes the character unique and characteristic.
  • Master the design: you will have techniques and tools to know how to adapt the tattoo to the area of ​​the body you are tattooing.
  • Perfect the lines: we will thoroughly work on constructed, non-monolinear lines and their filling, essential elements in anime tattoos.
  • Understanding color in this subcategory: You will practice with color in depth to achieve bright and saturated results, essential in the anime style.
  • Tools to work with shading: you will treat color shading with the techniques it deserves so that the volume of the tattoo is impeccable.

Create spectacular transitions: from the blurs and gradients that integrate perfectly, you will create those steps between solid colors that integrate perfectly into the tattoo.

What does this course include?
What are you going to learn?
01:50 min
03:17 min
07:17 min
05:24 min
Introduction to anime in tattoo
06:30 min
Line needle types
06:47 min
Shading Needle Types
06:51 min
Color needle types
07:48 min
Pressures and movements I
11:14 min
Pressures and movements II
05:24 min
Pressures and movements III
09:01 min
Color choice I
09:45 min
Color Choice II
10:31 min
Color Choice III
02:12 min
Line marking I
09:58 min
Line marking II
10:44 min
Line marking III
10:57 min
IV line marking
10:58 min
V-line marking
10:04 min
VI line marking
06:26 min
Filled with blacks
05:30 min
Shading I
09:40 min
Shading II
09:25 min
Shading III
10:40 min
Color I
09:55 min
Color II
09:58 min
Power line
08:23 min
Image Search and Composition I
08:47 min
Image Search and Composition II
06:05 min
Design in Procreate
06:44 min
Design lines
06:59 min
Color choice
07:10 min
Tracing print
07:24 min
Paste the tracing
08:22 min
Table preparation I
07:35 min
Table Preparation II
08:20 min
Line marking: symbol
08:55 min
Line marking: bottom I
10:33 min
Double line fill: bottom
05:19 min
Double line fill: symbol
10:24 min
Water lines: hand
04:22 min
Line marking: bottom II
08:12 min
Line marking: right side
07:21 min
Line marking: slope and face
09:48 min
Line marking: hair I
09:32 min
Line marking: hair II
04:19 min
Double line fill: hair
08:56 min
Water lines: top
04:00 min
Line marking: Zamas I
11:06 min
Line marking: Zamas II
03:34 min
Line marking: top
11:32 min
Double line fill: top I
07:17 min
Double line fill: top II
11:14 min
Learning assessment
Shading: hair I
10:26 min
Shading: hair II
04:14 min
Shading: Zamas
03:34 min
Shading: background
03:44 min
Shading: Goku Black Rose face
04:07 min
Shading: earring and suit
11:57 min
Ink assembly
06:40 min
Color: top background
05:35 min
Color: hair I
03:56 min
Color: Top Kanji
07:15 min
Color: hair II
09:18 min
Color: hair III
11:32 min
Color: hair IV
09:10 min
Color: Zamas I
09:32 min
Color: Zamas II
12:13 min
Color: V hair
08:50 min
Color: hair VI
07:49 min
Color: hair VII
06:31 min
Color: Black Goku Rose I face
10:14 min
Color: Black Goku Rose II face
08:16 min
Color: suit and earring I
06:07 min
Color: suit and earring II
08:39 min
Lines: hand I
06:48 min
Lines: hand II
09:23 min
Color: background and suit
07:34 min
Color: hand I
09:21 min
Color: hand II
05:45 min
Color: sash
04:06 min
Color: Lower Kanji
06:06 min
Color: bottom background
11:46 min
Light beam and slope
08:41 min
Power line
04:49 min
04:48 min
14. CURE
05:55 min
01:40 min
Favorite machines
11:14 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

Without materials that you feel comfortable with, you will not have good results. And the anime tattoo can hold too many feelings not to get a good piece. Therefore, you need the best supports.

To do this training you will need the following materials:

  • Tattoo machine
  • Inks
  • Tattoo needles and cartridges
  • Thermocopier
  • Other materials that will complete your equipment
Raül de la O
Tattoo artist and owner of Endgame Tattoo Gallery

Hello! I'm Raül de la O, and I love anime. You can tell, right?

I started learning to tattoo 11 years ago, after leaving my job in the Army.

Now I have my own studio in San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante: Endgame Tattoo Gallery.

Everything started to pick up speed when, in 2018, I won a third color award at a national convention.

I have more than 35 awards from national and international conventions.

My goal is to bring anime to the skin of every person who lives it as intensely as I do.

So, together with Habbility, we have created a unique and spectacular seminar.

A training in which, through a piece of Son Goku, you will learn how to handle anime tattoos and I will show you my own techniques.

We will talk about how special the color is, the lines constructed and how important the design is for the tattoo to be exclusive.

You dare?


Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
S.H.P. (Veracruz, MX)
Reforzar aprendizajes

Principalmente, Raúl a explicado de una manera mas digerible el uso de sus herramientas y técnicas
Eso me ayudó a comprender mejor ciertos aspectos acerca del dominio del tatuaje

Gilberto Vega Camargo (Riverside, US)

Me gustó mucho fue muy bien explicado al detallazo

F.A. (León, MX)

Muy completo y muy bien explicado!
Desde cómo se hizo el diseño y el paso a paso del tatuaje te explica muy bien cómo realiza el , el proceso para hacer tan buen trabajo

eugenio (Toledo, ES)
Un curso excelente

es un privilegio ver el proceso de raul desde la creacion y diseño hasta que se plasma en la piel del cliente. tengo 4 cursos de habbility y tengo que decir que junto al de El Uf este es el mejor de ellos

m.f. (Punta Arenas, CL)

Excelnte, curso explica de maravilla cada paso, que es lo que uno buscar observar de estos tipos de vidos, hace practico cada momento. se agradece mucho.

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