Realistic animal tattoo: textures and fur
Adrián Rodríguez
Learn how to create realistic textures and fur on a tiger tattoo.
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Mark the skin with the force of animals

This time is the one. This time you are going to learn to tattoo animals.

You may have taken a thousand tattoo courses. But these are formations in which details have no place. They also don't provide good audiovisual material, and when you want to see the tattoo up close, it loses quality on the screen or you don't understand what the teacher is saying.

Let me tell you that, with Habbility, we are going to solve that.

We have come to teach you how to tattoo. Especially realistic animal-themed pieces. And we will start with the portrait of a tiger, in which you will work on the fur texture.

We are going to bring you down to earth the whole process, from the moment a client enters the studio until he comes out with their tattoo on the skin. But you will have to keep practicing.

Because tattooing is a profession that requires a lot of firm hand, and that is achieved by working. And having a very solid foundation.

Therefore, we are going to teach you how to tattoo animal textures and fur. We will start with the realistic portrait of a tiger. You will learn concepts as important as the design, the placement of the tattoo on the body or the gray technique with which you will achieve a much more solid result.

All of this, without mistreating the skin, achieving volume, textures and very realistic approaches!

If offering a bit of your essence to whoever put themselves on your hands amazes you, stay.

Discover the wonderful world of realistic animal tattoos.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have a more advanced notion of tattooing and you want to learn techniques that will add a lot of value to your work.
  • You want to learn from a professional the entire process of designing and tattooing a realistic tiger portrait to gain confidence.
  • You dream of knowing and using techniques that do not mistreat the skin and that produce a very solid result at a realistic level, such as the gray technique.
  • You want to add value to your realistic animal pieces, learning to treat the fur, textures, volumes or blurs in depth but without damaging the skin.
  • You long for a course with very detailed and specific content that can provide you with a good transformation.
  • You want to study at your own pace, being able to see the training as many times as you need.
Later you will get:
  • Master the gray technique so the result of your tattoo is much more solid.
  • Provide care and healing guidelines so the final result is of excellent quality.
  • Work with the fur, textures and skins of animals, saturating the skin but without mistreating it.
  • Achieve a portrait of a tiger in a style so realistic that it approaches hyperrealism.
  • Reaching an incredible level of realism with the gray technique, without having to use gray wash.
  • Learning to photograph the final result so it causes a sensation on social media.
  • Work each part of the process in depth, from the moment the client enters the studio until they leave with their tattoo.
Choose where and when you want!
03:56 min
08:12 min
What are you going to learn?
03:01 min
Choice of image
09:38 min
Image preparation
07:55 min
How to deal with a tattoo
08:35 min
Needles: methodology and order I
09 :24 min
Needles: methodology and order II
08:23 min

08:44 min
Types of fur texture
08:40 min
Workstation Setup
02:20 min
Preparation and gluing of the tracing
09:39 min
Portrait I Background and Input
09:39 min
Portrait Background and Entrance II
10:04 min
Portrait Background and Entrance III
11:30 min
Assessment of learning
Lower jaw and upper jaw I
09:35 min
Lower Jaw and Upper Jaw II
09:16 min
Lower Jaw and Upper Jaw III
10:00 min
Lower jaw and upper jaw IV
10:00 min
Lower jaw and upper jaw V
09:39 min
Lower jaw and upper jaw LV
09:39 min
Mandible lower and upper jaw VII
08:52 min
Cheeks, nose and whiskers I
10:37 min
Cheeks, nose and whiskers II
10:02 min
Cheeks, nose and Mustaches III
09:13 min
Cheeks, Nose and Mustaches IV
08:17 min
Cheeks , nose and whiskers V
10:18 min
Blur spots
06:38 min
Structure of the nose and eye I
08:02 min
Structure of the nose and eye II
08:47 min
Structure of the nose and eye III
05:05 min
Structure of the nose and eye IV
09:32 min
Structure of the nose and eye V
09:19 min
Forehead and Ears I
09:50 min
Forehead and Ears II
09:45 min
Forehead and Ears III
11:45 min
Background and output of portrait I
10:43 min
Background and output of the portrait II
08:39 min
Details and highlights I
10:25 min
Details and highlights II
09:57 min
Details and highlights III
10:00 min
Details and highlights IV
10:00 min
Details and highlights V
Tattoo cure
05:06 min
Healing and conservation
05:09 min
Summary and farewell
03:58 min
Bonus Material List
Material for tattoo photography
Cleaning and finishing the tattoo
02:38 min
How to take the photo final spelling
06:06 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

Tattooing animals is a fantasy. However, after learning the basics, you will need to practice. Practice a lot. Therefore, you need materials that do justice to the quality of your work.

To carry out this training you will need these materials:

  • Tattoo machine
  • Inks
  • Tattoo needles and cartridges
  • Vaseline
  • Other materials that will complete your equipment
Adrián Rodríguez
Realistic tattoo artist, expert in animal pieces.

Since we are going to be together for a while, I want you to get to know me a little.

I am Adrián Rodríguez (but you can call me Adrián Rod) and I have been dedicated to the professional tattoo world for more than 10 years.

I have to confess that I was always a restless child, fascinated by art.

As I grew up I began to express myself through graffiti and digital design. And from there I jumped to the tattoo…

And yes, even though it was love at first sight for ink, I had no idea where to start.

So I started learning on my own, with friends, using what I had on hand at the time (maybe the same as you are now, right?).

But seeing how little by little the work began to pay off, I said to myself:

Come on Adrián, no pain no gain! 

So I decided to open my own studio, in San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela called: Altos Tattoo Studio.

My unstoppable desire to grow led me to be able to tattoo in dozens of cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia...

Having the opportunity to collaborate with several artists and absorb knowledge from lots of tattoo cultures.

My training has been a constant learning process in which I still am (and I hope to always be).

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my art with the world and to leave a lasting imprint on people's skin.

I believe that tattooing is more than just a piece of art on the skin, it is a personal and meaningful experience for each individual.

Let me be part of your story!

See you inside.

Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Claudio Keyer (Elche, ES)
Tatuaje realista animal

Considero que es muy claro en su forma de explicar y te da muy buenos tips que la mayoría de tatuadores se guardan.

K.F. (Medellín, CO)

El profesor cuenta detalle a detalle y se siente el amor en la pieza y en su profesión

S.O. (Alicante, ES)

Es un curso muy completo en el que aprendes de una manera bastante adecuada

Jose luis Gimenez lozano (Madrid, ES)
Buen seminario

Seminario bien explicado

Misael Francisco Cruz Pedrero (Centro Municipality, MX)
Muy interesante

Es muy útil el contenido

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