Terracotta portrait
Learn how to model the human face in a terracotta bust, from the sketch to the texture and the final finish.
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You are a new sculptor.

You want to improve your technique with terracotta.

You are studying Fine Arts.

You have always been attracted to sculpture, but you don't know how to learn or start practicing.

You want to learn how to make commemorative busts and dedicate yourself to it.

You want to discover new techniques for better master the terracotta.

Later you will get:
  • Observe the human face and its shapes in more detail.
  • Work on proportions, harmony and texture in terracotta.
  • Learn to use modeling sticks correctly.
  • Model in detail the head, eyes, nose, mouth and the hair.
  • Create a bust with all the details.
What does this course include?
1. Introduction
Influences from other artists
2. Living from sculpture
My evolution as a sculptor
How to make your way as a sculptor
3. From materials to structure
Photograph the model
Taking measurements and structure
4. Fit sketch to mud
Fit sketch to mud I
Fit the sketch to the mud II
Fit the sketch to the mud III
Fit the sketch to the mud to the clay IV
Fit the sketch to the clay V
Preservation of the bust during the process of work
5. Drill into the face
Drill into the face I
Dig deeper into the face II
Dig deeper into the face III

Drill into V face
6. Work the Bust with photographs
Work the bust with photographs I
Work the bust with photographs II
Working the bust with photographs III
Working the bust with photographs IV
Work the bust with photographs V
Work the bust with photographs VI
Working on the bust with photographs VII
Assessment of learning
7. Hollowed
Hollowed I
Hollowed II
Hollowed III
Hollowed IV
Hollowed V
8. Latest Details
Latest Details I
Latest Details II
Last details III
Latest details IV
Latest details V
Latest details VI
Latest details VII
Latest details VIII
Latest details IX
Completed Project
9. Bonus Gift
Bonus Gift
10. Final Project
Final Project
Course images
Materials you need to start with


  • Clay.
  • Modeling sticks.
  • Metal hollower.

And optionally, these materials are recommended:

  • Metal tube to support the bust.
  • Sculptor's turntable or wooden easel table.
  • Metal wood compass, for measurements.
  • Spatulas.

Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrés Amaya (Bogotá, CO)
Retrato en barro

Es un curso bastante enriquecedor, fácil de aprender, al servicio inmediato con un aporte claro por parte del profesor.

Otilio (caricaturas) (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, ES)
Excelente tecnicas

La paciencia con los detalles, y muy bien explicado pasó a paso de lo que va haciendo, lo que hace más fácil quedarse con las técnicas que va aplicando

francisco manuel.sanchez (Madrid, ES)
Enseñanza muy amena

Me gastaría reseñar sobre el curso, la buena armonía del profesor Juan Vega en su dialogo y la gran información sobre la creación del busto en cerámica terracota, muy bueno la verdad.

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