Human figure oil painting
Learn to capture the delicacy of light on the human body by painting in oil on canvas.
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José Borrell
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Technique will show you the way

Mastering the technique of realistic oil painting can be a complicated and tedious process.

Not everyone has the patience to improve it on their own.

Neither the time.

And if we add to this, generally, when learning to paint in oils, you don't go into detail, you find that you know the basics, but you haven't gone into the concrete.

For example, you have never focused on how to realistically paint a human figure bathed in sunlight in oils.

The depth in these specifications is something that many people overlook.

However, only by being aware of the technique you need to carry out a certain work you will be able to progress safely and quickly.

And even more, with the help of a professional who has invested much time and resources in developing his own style and method.

That's why I want to show you how it's done.

How is the process step by step that will allow you to paint a human figure bathed in sunlight in oil.

You will know exactly where to move and what to do. The process of painting this type of piece with oil will no longer be a mystery to you. Join me and prepare your brushes.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You love oil painting, but you feel stuck.
  • You want to learn the realistic technique for painting the human figure.
  • You want to know the step by step to make this type of piece and include it in your work.
  • You want to learn how to reflect the light that touches the body on the canvas.
  • You are passionate about painting the skin and you want to learn the detailed process.
  • You want to know how it is done to painting a human figure that shows the delicacy of light on the skin.
Later you will get:
  • The technique to master the painting of the human figure.
  • How to treat the skin when you work with realism.
  • What you should know about the materials.
  • How to treat lights and shadows on the body.
  • You will learn to use colors to paint skin and light.
Course images
Materials you need to start with

Taking this course you will have to practice a lot.

Because while it is true that learning step by step and seeing the process can improve enormously, some practice is also necessary.

In this way, you will internalize what you have learned and make it yours.

It is highly recommended to have knowledge of oil painting to be able to take advantage of this course.

And the materials you need are:

  • A canvas to paint in oil.
  • Oil paints.
  • Turpentine.
  • Brushes.
  • The photo of a model.
José Borrell
Artist and Oil Painter

I am José Borrell and with me you will learn to paint the human figure in oil and master the lights.

I was born with a pen under my arm and I have never abandoned art. My beginnings in the world of painting were with pastels, although coming into contact with oil paint opened up a world of possibilities for me.

Evolving with my own style and through the influences of artists such as Paco Barrachina and Velázquez, I exhibited my work for the first time at the S. Jorge de Alcoy Gallery, in 2003. That was where I sold my first 3 works.

I have gone from innocence and the clumsiness to loose realism that has allowed me to exhibit in large cities in Spain and make portraits of falleras.

Since 2012 my works have been exhibited in galleries in the United States, England and the Netherlands.


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Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
R.V. (Viña del Mar, CL)
excelente curso

un buen curso y muy bien explicado

N.M.C. (Palma, ES)
Great review

Really useful video. I went a video like that for a long time. Easy to see the process

Alonso r flores (Guadalajara, MX)

El artista explica de una manera muy practica, sencilla y concisa los pormenores de la realizacion de una obra realista con alto grado estético además de hacerlo de manera muy fresca y a la ves divertida.
1000% satisfecho del curso

Muchas gracias por tu reseña positiva. Nos encanta saber que nuestro curso ha cumplido tus expectativas. ¡Gracias por ser parte de nuestra comunidad educativa!

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