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5 training seminars in 1


Color realism and fantasy tattoo

by Laura Egea

Aprenderás a fusionar tu esencia personal con técnicas avanzadas para crear tatuajes únicos y expresivos, destacando en estilos de realismo y fantasía a color. Además, desarrollarás habilidades para interpretar ideas de clientes, aplicar efectos de color y sombreado, y promocionar tu trabajo artístico en redes sociales. Todo mientras perfeccionas tu arte en tatuajes.


Neotraditional style tattoo

by Debora Cherrys

Aprenderás a dominar el estilo neotradicional en el tatuaje, desde captar la esencia de las ideas de los clientes hasta aplicar técnicas específicas para crear diseños únicos y duraderos. Cómo utilizar líneas, sombreados y color, así como herramientas como Procreate para el diseño, y perfeccionar tu habilidad para responder a cualquier solicitud de tatuaje con creatividad y precisión.


Photography and video expert for tattoo artists

by David Goga

Aprenderás técnicas profesionales de fotografía y video específicamente adaptadas para tatuadores. Cómo capturar imágenes y grabar videos que resalten la calidad y detalles de tus tatuajes, abordando aspectos como la elección de la cámara, la eliminación de brillos, y la creación de un estilo visual único que te ayudará a destacar en el mercado y atraer clientes.


Blackwork: whipsading tattoo

by El Uf

Aprenderás técnicas avanzadas de Whip Shading para crear tatuajes Blackwork únicos y originales. Se enfoca en el uso de la inteligencia artificial para el diseño, la creación de tatuajes de estilo anime con sombreados planos y tonos, y en cómo destacar en el tatuaje contemporáneo. También abarca la relación con el cliente y la transformación de sus ideas en diseños personalizados.


Full color anime tattoo

by Raúl de la O

Aprenderás a dominar el arte del tatuaje de anime en color completo, enfocándote en técnicas para capturar la esencia y el realismo de los personajes de anime. Te enseñará a crear diseños únicos y fieles al original, utilizando colores vibrantes y líneas detalladas, además de manejar la composición y el sombreado para lograr tatuajes que impresionen tanto por su fidelidad como por su originalidad.

Meet the teachers

I am Laura Egea

I am a professional tattoo artist and my strength is color pieces, with a style somewhere between realism and fantasy.

Since I learned to hold a pencil, I have always been drawing and painting.

Art has a very special place in my life: I've been painting in oils since I was a little girl and I have a degree in Fine Arts.

I have been tattooing since 2013 and have worked in several studios before opening my own, Musa Tattoo.

I have tattooed as a guest in other national and international studios. You may have also seen me at several conventions in many of which I have won different awards.

It has always seemed incredible to me that art, something so beautiful, could be engraved on people's skin and merge with their essence!

I want you to know how to do it too, and I want you to be able to leave your artistic mark.

I am Debora Cherrys

One of the pioneers of the Neotraditional style in Spain

My focus is creating personalized and unique pieces for my clients. I ask them to share their story with me, and the meaning behind their idea, so I can capture their essence and add special details to their designs.

My career as a tattoo artist has been marked by international recognition, the creation of personalized and durable pieces, and a passion for art, nature and travel.

I am committed to communication, confidence and quality in every tattoo I create.

My purpose with this seminar is to guide you step by step through the neotraditional style, leading you to master this technique.


I am David Goga

Professional photographer and videographer, passionate about cinema and audiovisual technician specialized in camera control, lighting and postproduction.

My love for cinema began at the age of 8 years old in my uncle's video store, and since 2007, after studying at the Film and Television School of Granada, I have dedicated my life to this art. Although my path was not direct, I worked in various professions to finance my education, including a master's degree in VFX at Lightbox Academy and another master at the Film School of Malaga, where I discovered my passion for teaching.

For the past year and a half, I was the audiovisual manager at Habbility, recording tattoo courses. Currently, I am focused on directing photography and teaching, making short films and video clips. With 17 years of experience in the audiovisual world, I offer a technical and practical perspective in my work, always seeking to capture and communicate the correct technique through the camera.

I am El Uf

My beginnings were not very conventional. When I became interested in this world, tattooing was still something underground. In fact, my first tattoo was done by a graffiti artist I admired.

Several years later, a tattoo artist friend became interested in my drawings and offered me the opportunity to learn in his studio.

I would later open my own studio with my associate and we went on to gain worldwide fame for blackwork. After 8 years, I decided to focus only on my art and work in different studios in Barcelona, Zurich and as a guest in other places around the world.

I've had so many influences that my style is not limited to a single identity... Of course, all within BLACKWORK and focused on my passion for manga, anime, horror and Japanese culture.

Es esa trayectoria de más de 20 años, polifacética, auto forjada a través de la pasión y el compromiso, la que ha consolidado mi autoridad en el mundo del tatuaje. Cada experiencia vivida, desde mis humildes comienzos hasta el reconocimiento internacional, ha sido un pilar fundamental en mi desarrollo como artista. Todo sin perder de vista mi único objetivo Dejar una huella en el mundo del tatuaje con cada obra que realizo.

I am Raúl de la O

I love anime. I started learning to tattoo 11 years ago, after leaving my job in the Army.

Now I have my own studio in San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante: Endgame Tattoo Gallery.

Everything started to pick up speed when, in 2018, I won a third color award at a national convention.

I have over 35 awards from national and international conventions.

My goal is to bring anime to the skin of every person who experiences it as intensely as I do.

Your investment to continue growing as an EXPERT TATTOO ARTIST


5 Training seminars:

1- Color realism and fantasy tattoo (worth 157€)

2- Neotraditional style tattoo (worth 157€)

3- Photography and video expert for tattoo artists (worth 137€)

4- Blackwork: whipsading tattoo (worth 157€)

5- Full color anime tattoo (worth 157€)

785,00 €


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397,00 €

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