Microrealism tattoo: Create your own composition
Become an expert in microrealism, mastering volume, textures and fine line.
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Complex compositions that allow you to work on many aspects

In this seminar you are going to get serious with composition, microrealism, fine lines and geometries.

Sometimes creating a small size tattoo can seem too complicated.

Condensing a lot of information into a small size is overwhelming, especially if you try to keep theharmony, thefine line subtletyandconnect all the pieces.

In addition, it is useless to have a good technique without knowing what composition you are going to give to your piece or vice versa, you need those skills to feed back.

WithMaria Alvarezyou will learn to work unique designs that include themicrorealism, theend line, thegeometriesand differenttextures.

All this tied with a touch of concept art in a tattoo with a very special composition: a hand holding a light bulb, surrounded by different elements.

Ready to learn and perfect different key points of a tattoo technique?

Come on, get into a micro-realistic composition with complex elements!

It is ideal for you if:
  • You already have experience in the world of tattooing and it is time to dive into the field of microrealism to become a professional in this style.
  • You want to understand how to condense information in a small space and that the piece is of quality.
  • You are looking to learn to work compositions of various elements in small tattoos, making the whole coherent and harmonious.
  • You are tired of always tattooing the same thing and you want to add creativity to your work with an original design.
  • You want to find that balance between giving free rein to your creativity and the personalization of the client himself in his tattoo.
  • You are looking for tools and methods with which to make a better quality micro-realistic tattoo, without getting stuck when the reference images fail.
Later you will get:
  • Dare with tiny tattoos: you will be able to face the representation of a large image in a small size to obtain a clear, condensed and spectacular result in a few centimeters.
  • learn to prioritize: you will understand how the elements of a tattoo are intertwined, where they should go and which ones to work on first. With the connection between the different figures you can transmit a lot of information in a little space.
  • Pay attention to the proportions: you will learn to read the body, understanding which design can best adapt to its shapes, working on a quality composition in which information is not lost.
  • master textures: you will be able to understand the method to create different textures, both solid and transparent, providing a unique detail to the piece.
  • the human figure: You will work human elements such as the shape and texture of the skin in the tattoo.
  • The importance of the fine line: you will be able to incorporate the subtlety of fine lines into your tattoos, making the design feel light. I will teach you the tricks so that the line lasts over time.
  • Understand geometric elements: you will learn to work volume and depth in different ways that will serve to give your composition greater realism and interest.
  • Get out of art block with AI: When your reference image is incomplete or doesn't look right, you'll have resources to say “yes” to that work, such as relying on AI to generate references or completing ideas with other images.
  • Versatility that allows you to create: By mastering different techniques and elements, I will teach you how to generate unique compositions without stagnating or overwhelming yourself, giving free rein to your creativity.
What does this course include?
What are you going to learn
01:57 min
02:08 min
07:48 min
List of materials
05:58 min
My needles for microrealism I
09:19 min
My needles for microrealism II
10:03 min
My needles for microrealism III
03:12 min
What is microrealism
09:25 min
How to apply microrealism
03:50 min

04:55 min
Learn to make lines I
10:16 min

05:44 min
When to use white
10:11 min
Shading or line depending on the tattoo
06:35 min
Use of anesthetic creams
08:25 min
Reference photograph
10:12 min
Understand the client's idea to do a good search
10:04 min
Adaptation of the design to the area
08:46 min
How to create harmony
08:54 min

04:45 min
Design creation
11:14 min
Preparation of the tracing
06:54 min
Size test
Printing the tracing
06:05 min
Placing the tracing
08 :57 min
Preparing the table I
11:34 min
Table preparation II
06:37 min
Inks and dilutions
05:14 min
Structure and evaluation of the tracing
02:54 min
11. EYE
Line: geometry of the eye
09:49 min
Marking and filling: eye I
07:19 min
Shadow and volume: eye
10:28 min
Marking and filling: eye II
09:25 min
Marking: right pen
05:38 min
Line: left pen I
09:38 min
Line: pen left II
09:37 min
Line: geometric figures right I
09:37 min
Line: right geometric figures II
08:28 min
Line: word
10:16 min
Line: superior geometry I
09:12 min
Line: superior geometry II
08:04 min
Line: higher geometry III
06:30 min
Learning assessment
Fill: brushstroke I
10:03 min
Fill : brush stroke II
10:46 min
Marking and filling: hand I
06:38 min
Line : lower rectangle
08:16 min
Marking and filling: hand II
09:25 min
Line : top rectangle
10:15 min
Marking and filling: hand III
10:14 min
Volume : hand I
11:25 min
Volume: hand II
09:49 min
Volume and marking : hand and light bulb I
08:36 min
Volume and marking: hand and light bulb II
09:50 min

08:50 min
Marking: light bulb
11:46 min

09:00 min
Line and fill: light bulb II
09:45 min
Volume and marking: hand and light bulb IV
09:30 min
Volume: hand and light bulb I
08:09 min
Volume: hand and light bulb II
10:24 min
Texture and volume: hand and light bulb
06:58 min
Details I
10:26 min

05:31 min
Whites I
11:43 min
Whites II
09:14 min
Cleaning for the photo
02: 07 min
04:34 min
16. CURA
03:00 min
02:03 min
How to complete incomplete images
10:16 min
Course images
Materials you need to start with

To tattoo you must have the necessary technique, but also know how to compose your design. It is something that feeds back. That can only be achieved by practicing. To that end, you should get the best material.

To do this seminar you will need the following materials:

  • tattoo machine
  • inks
  • Tattoo needles and cartridges
  • thermocopier
  • Other materials that will complete your team
María Álvarez
Tattoo artist specialized in Microrealism and Concept Art.

I am going to be your teacher.

I am María Álvarez, a tattoo artist specialized in microrealism and concept art.

With me you will lose your fear of small tattoos.

Although I did my first doodles when I was only three years old, I started tattooing self-taught in the third year of university.

The first contact with the tattoo was frustrating, so I forgot about it. But the following year, I returned to the ring.

As an apprentice in a studio, things began to change.

My studies as a designer help me understand shapes and volumes. Having traveled both nationally and internationally during these years, participating in conventions and meeting leaders in the sector, has given me an enormous perspective.

Because of this, I now understand that the need is to master really good the microrealism technique if what you want is to lose your fear of placing lots of information in small space.


Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
L.R. (Bogotá, CO)
Muy completo

Me ha gustado mucho este curso ya que explican a detalle,los materiales, como armar la mesa y además de todo la explicación de la técnica es muy preciosa

Anónimo (Durango, MX)
Excelente curso

Muy bien el curso me ayudo a mejorar mis habilidades y técnicas

D.L. (Murcia, ES)
Curso bastante completo

Me parece muy buena la manera de explicar de maría, da a conocer su información y técnicas de forma sencilla, también mola muchísimo que den todos los tips sobre voltaje, agujas y diluciones en la mayoría de lecciones, espero con ansias poder comprar el curso micro realismo de animales.

Rubén (Ronda, ES)
Tatuaje microrrealista:crea tu propia composición

Es una gran curso,por qué estructura muy bien cada parte,desde las agujas hasta la fotografía final de forma estructurada y muy bien explicado

Alessia (Duisburg, DE)
Super nice course

I am very happy to have the oppotunity learning with this kind of course. At first I was skeptical because I wasn't sure if it contained enough details. But I was so positively surprised that I can only recommend it. Every step was described in detail and is very understandable. Thank you very much!

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