Hyper realistic drawing with colored pencils
Learn to draw in detail with paper and pencils. Plasma reality in full color with realistic techniques.
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Paco Martín
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Do you know what you can do with colored pencils?

There is something that is not usually given much importance.

Something in the art world that you don't work with that much.

Something that is sometimes underestimated.

Because it is a less known technique.

But, precisely for this reason, it is a way of painting that you should learn if you want to:

  • Bathe your work in something different and give it a distinct touch.
  • Represent your world in a new way.
  • Include hyperrealism in your portfolio.

And all this, with just a few colored pencils!

Why am I doing this? Because this great painting technique really deserves a place. I truly believe that realistic colored pencil painting deserves better consideration than it gets.

And that is also achieved with you.

Being part of the hyperrealistic drawing with pencil. Leaving your feelings free through mine and paper. Representing your reality.

At the same time that you make your art different and you learn more, thanks to practice.

To give a twist to your work with hyperrealistic drawing, I'll wait for you in this course.

It is ideal for you if:
  • If you are passionate about painting and drawing.
  • If you want to try new techniques and apply them to your art.
  • You enjoy practicing with each drawing.
  • You are ready to enter the world of hyperrealism.
  • You know something about painting and drawing or you do not have much knowledge, but the art world has always caught your attention.
Later you will get:
  • Know everything you need to create your own hyperrealistic works with colored pencils.
  • Know how to make sketches and compositions.
  • You will learn to work with color following this technique.
  • Master shadows, gradients, brightness, transparencies and textures.
  • Know how to use the eraser.
  • You will master the hyperrealistic technique with colored pencils.
What does this course include?
1. Introduction
05:18 min
02:01 min
Customer Contact
01:10 min
2. Reference and materials
3. Substrate Preparation
09:04 min
03:36 min
4. Painting process
The color I
07:44 min
The Color II
08:49 min
The Color III
10:45 min
The Color IV
10:16 min
The Color V
11:25 min
The Color VI
08:34 min
The Color VII
13:12 min
The Color VIII
The Color IX
07:37 min
The Color X
08 :55 min
Color XI
09:14 min
Assessment of learning
The color XII
17:58 min
The color XIII
04:42 min
The Color XIV
14:57 min
The Color XV
09:37 min
The Color XVI
09:50 min
The Color XVII
08:33 min
The Color XVIII
The color XIX
12:25 min
The color XX
10 :00 min
The color XXI
11:39 min
The color XXII
12:43 min
The Color XXIII
10:46 min
The Color XXIV
08:47 min

07:59 min
The Color XXVI
11:03 min
5. Latest details
Shines I
10:52 min
Shines II
05: 27 min
Last details I
07:30 min
Last details II
06:13 min
02:44 min
01:07 min
6. Bonus
01:00 min
7. Final Project

Course images
Materials you need to start with

You do not need to have previous knowledge of painting, drawing or hyperrealism. I am going to guide you in each step.

But to create extraordinary works, it is necessary that you use quality materials.

These materials are:

  • Derwent colored pencils
  • Moldable eraser.
  • Electric eraser.
  • Factis BM2 eraser.
  • Graphite pencil 2H.
  • Paper Horse 109 or similar.
Paco Martín

My name is Paco Martín and I am a painter specialized in the realistic technique with colored pencils.

At the age of eight I was already making my first drawings with a graphite pencil, trying to copy the images of animals I saw around me.

Although throughout my life I have studied other subjects very different from the world of painting, my passion for art has always been present.

I learned to paint in oil and especially pastel, but I realized that the technique that I really liked was realism with pencils.

From there I began to express my emotions and feelings through pencil drawings.

In fact, I have worked with great figures in this technique such as Lisa Ann Watkings and I am part of associations such as UKCPS and CPSA among others. I have also been awarded several times for my realistic pencil work.


Candid video opinions from students who have transformed their lives.

Alfredo Evangelista
Color realistic portrait tattoo
"The price is phenomenal, accessible to anyone. I have realized many techniques too need to be perfected."
Ever Duque
Nueva York
Realistic portrait tattoo
"Totally recommended for everyone who wants to take a new step, apply a new technique and grow as an artist."
Yam Vega
Realistic portrait tattoo
"I liked it from the first moment I saw the course for sale and didn't hesitate to get it, it is too complete and everything is detailed."

Customer Reviews

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Bodegon con lapices de colores

El profesor estupendo. Va explicando paso a paso todos lecciones y los hice muy bien

CONCEPCION (Arroyo de la Miel, ES)
Curso de lapices de colores

me ha encantado hacer el curso. es un buen profesor y pintor. Lo explica todo paso por paso y muy detalladamente. Es estupendo

V.M. (Madrid, ES)

Este curso me ha sorprendido totalmente!!! No me creía capaz de conseguir el dibujo final, pero Paco Martín ha sido tan claro y tan didáctico en sus explicaciones que estoy súper contenta con el resultado. Mucho detalle y mucha técnica, de forma clara y precisa, sin duda alguna si tuviese otros cursos repetiría! =)

Nos alegra mucho que hayas logrado superar tus expectativas y obtener un resultado que te hace sentir orgullosa. Paco Martín es un gran instructor y nos enorgullece saber que sus explicaciones claras y didácticas te han permitido aprender y aplicar técnicas con precisión. Gracias por tu confianza y por ser parte de nuestra comunidad.

M.V.G.A. (La Cisterna, CL)

Es un gran profesional... sin duda tienen total dominio de la técnica. A mi realmente me habría gustado que diera equivalencias para los que no tenemos la misma marca de colores... Pero sin duda lo recomiendo. Siempre se aprende de un profesional de esta magnitud. Gracias

Apreciamos tu sugerencia, entendemos que tener esta información adicional podría ser de gran ayuda para los estudiantes. Tomaremos en cuenta tu comentario para futuras mejoras en nuestros cursos. ¡Gracias a ti por confiar en nosotros!.

A.B.J.M. (Granada, ES)

Gran formador, habla de forma clara , sencilla, te explica como, porque,
Como conseguir resultados,
Me gustaría que realizara más formaciones y seguir aprendiendo

Nuestro objetivo es asegurarnos de que recibas toda la información necesaria de forma clara y comprensible, para que puedas dominar las técnicas y habilidades del dibujo. Gracias por elegir Habbility como tu plataforma de formación profesional!.

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